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About Me

Hello again!

Originally from France, I graduated for a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in Games Art at the Teesside University from Middlesbrough in the U.K in 2010. I’ve obtained in 2009 my BA in Creative Digital Media,  choosing mostly games art and design modules. Then I decided to go for a Master in order to refine my skills and knowledge on character modelling and texturing. Doing this confirmed two things: I do like working to create games, and I enjoy working in a team!

Previously to these degrees I was studying in France where I got a degree in Software Engineering. This gave me my technical knowledge and my programming skills that I keep as a hobby to create small 2D games using scripting languages. ( You can have a look at my current project here)

Since early 2009, I’ve been playing a lot with Zbrush, perfecting my skills with this very interesting software, it really helps me to create quick and nice prototypes in 3D, and gives me a huge speed boost when it’s time to model an actual character. But I also use it in conjonction with 3Ds Max when I need some surgery tools if something goes wrong, or simply if I need to animate or to rig. Since February 2011, I’ve started using Modo mostly for modelling and unwrapping.

Thanks for reading !